Artist Statement

My fascination with the many properties of wood began when I was a child growing up in Southern Virginia.   I am happiest when creating from found woods that feature irregular grain patterns, knots, burls or voids, such that the finished work provokes a different commentary.

I work using a custom built Nichols lathe and tools for the different stages of turning; shaping, hollowing, etc.  Ecological sensibility prevents my harvesting living trees solely for the purpose of turning vessels.

Some of my vessels are classical forms with finely finished surfaces.  Others have hand carved, textured or pigmented surfaces. I’m reminded of my ancestors when I embellish the surface of a piece.  While Sub-Saharan Africans were master carvers, it was the Egyptians in North Africa who gave to the world the process of turning wood using a lathe as early as the time of the great pyramids.


Enjoy warm, wonderful wood,

Charles Farrar,  Woodturner